Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Islamofascist kills two in London...

...and the proper response is to worry about "right-wing movements."

The media has a finely nuanced view of who the enemy is.

Or is it just predictable and scripted?

So, basically, Trump was right...


Maybe he wasn't "wiretapped" but his team was subjected to "electronic surveillance" and the product of that "electronic surveillance", which has NO INTELLIGENCE VALUE AND NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA, was WIDELY DISSEMINATED AMONG THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.


If there was no intelligence value, why?

It is a mystery, I guess.

It undoubtedly has nothing at all to do with the reason why the IRS audited conservatives.

But, hey, everybody!!!

Russians!!! Let's go to war!!!

If only women teachers could marry.

Nice smile.

More Fake Hate Crimes.

Schenectady man spraypaints swastikas on his own home.

Not enough real Nazis to go around?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

Massive anomaly lies beneath Antarctic ice.

They say it is a meteorite, maybe the one that killed 90% of life at the end of the Permian.

Those possessed of occult knowledge know better.

Monday, March 20, 2017

I keep saying it and saying it, but darnitall... make the best women.

//Transgender Wins International Women’s Weightlifting Title

Laurel Hubbard, a 39 year-old transgender who was born male, won her first international women’s weightlifting title in Australia breaking four national records in the process.//

Why do we even bother to segregate sports by sex?

Sex is fungible and a state of mind, after all.

More on the story:

//Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand President Garry Marshall acknowledged the controversy surrounding a man competing in a women's division, but affirmed that he must abide by OWNZ rules.

"She competed as a long time for a man and her efforts were very strong," said Marshall.

"That strength has remained with her, despite testosterone," he continued. "That point is not recognized by the science and some of our competitors would say that's not fair."

Marshall added that they would "act" on "concrete evidence" of advantages for Hubbard if there were any.

"We have to follow the policy of the International Olympic Committee and the International Weightlifting Federation. They do not acknowledge in any way the gender identity of an athlete other than male or female; they're not described as transgender," he said.

In order for Hubbard to compete against women, he "must demonstrate that her total testosterone level in serum has been below 10 [nanomoles per litre] for at least 12 months prior to her first competition," as noted in the International Olympic Committee recommendations for male-to-female transgender athletes.

Under the guise of equality and fairness, numerous women have taken a backseat to males who say they are female in the sports arena. For instance, in June, a high school boy who "identifies" as a female took home all-state honors in Alaska's female track and field division

The mother to one of the girls who was bumped off the podium for the state finals, Jennifer VanPelt, called out the faux "equality."

“At our state track and field meet they award medals and a spot on the podium to the top 4. Allison placed 5th. We had no idea she was running against a male until after the race was over,” VanPelt told Rare. “She was upset. How do you explain to her that not only does she need to train to beat her fellow female athletes now she should also train to beat the males?”

She continued: “I believe parents and athletes alike should be worried. Transgender males being allowed to compete in female events are being afforded an unfair advantage. Males are physically different than females. That’s a scientific fact. Hormones and body modification cannot change that. Today it’s one transgender athlete. Tomorrow it could be half the field," she said.

If the Left continues to get their way, biological girls and women will have no fair place to compete — in the name of "equality" and "fairness," of course. //

Notice the cognitive dissonance on the part of the some of the women athletes, e.g., "well if society calls him a woman, she must be"?
McCain Republicans were Literally Hitler before Trump was Literally Hitler.

Back in 2008, CNN host D.L. Hughley was positioning the Republicans who nominated Current Model of Bipartisanship John McCain as the Literally Hitler of the moment.

//CNN host D.L. Hughley turned to the standard left-wing tactic of playing the Nazi card against Republicans on his program on Saturday evening: “The tenets of the Republican Party are amazing and they seem warm and welcome. But when I watch it be applied -- like you didn’t have to go much further than the Republican National Convention....It literally look[s] like Nazi Germany.” He went on to say that blacks weren’t welcome in the party: “It just does not seem -- like not only are we not welcome -- not only are we not welcome, but they don’t even care what we think.” He later described the GOP as “reactionary.” [audio available here]

The stand-up comedian-turned-TV host made the remark during a segment with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and Chuck D, a former member of the hip-hop group Public Enemy. Unfortunately, Steele did not verbally react to Hughley’s Nazi characterization. Chuck D, on the other hand, expressed his agreement with the host about blacks supposedly not being welcome in the Republican Party: “I covered the Republican convention in ‘96 for MTV...and -- seriously, their agenda was totally somewhere else, which totally -- you know, didn’t have black people or people of color in mind.” He then expressed his belief that there should be more major parties in the U.S.

The CNN host then returned to characterizing the GOP: “A lot of the things I see Republicans do specifically are reactionary. They’ll go, you know what -- oh, they don't like Hillary? Let’s give them Sarah Palin. They voted for Obama. Let's give them Michael Steele, and the other guy who will not show who he is yet. And so, it is always so -- it is so plastic, that you go, wow, is this what they think?...That’s what seems so off-kilter to me.”//

A difference between that and the "go to Paris" comment is, obviously, that the comparison was not meant to be funny and it was not even a comparison since, according to Hughley, it "literally looks like Nazi Germany."

Anonymous makes the claim that Republicans compared Obama to Hitler... I decided to check it out for him. My experience with him suggests that offering evidence to support his claims is not his strong suit.

It turns out that there were occasional Hitler references concerning Obama, but not in the sense that he was incipient dictator about to put minorities into concentration camps, and when such references were made, there was an outcry that forced the person to apologize.

For example there was the case of Congressman Randy Weber:

//Rep. Randy Weber is apologizing for a tweet that compared President Barack Obama's absence at a Paris march to Adolf Hitler.

The Texas Republican said in a statement Tuesday afternoon that he hadn't intended "to trivialize the Holocaust nor to compare the President to Adolf Hitler."

"The mention of Hitler was meant to represent the face of evil that still exists in the world today," Weber said. "I now realize that the use of Hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust and victims of anti-Semitism and hate."

His apology comes the day after he invoked Hitler in blasting Obama for failing to join more than 40 world leaders and at least 1.5 million people at a Paris unity march Sunday, following the attack on the country's Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper.

"Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn't do it for right reasons," Weber tweeted, misspelling the German dictator's first name.

Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn't do it for right reasons.//

This is very weak tea.  In fact, it makes my case stronger.

The "bite" of Weber's joke is premised around the concept of "going to Paris." The joke works because of the outrageousness of the juxtaposition of an evil man going to Paris out of evil intent and the American president - not an evil man - not going to Paris out of indifference or sloth.

There was no reference to the Holocaust or Concentration Camps, nor was there any implication that Obama was Hitlerian in style, ambition or goal. In fact, the statement was that Hitler (evil) was noticeably different from Obama (not evil, just indifferent.)

Of course, that was then. Back then mentioning Hitler in the same sentence as a Democrat president was dangerous, demeaned the Holocaust, undermined democracy and/or just wasn't right.

In contrast, the current Hitler to Trump comparisons, like the previous Bush to Hitler comparisons, are comparisons based on the putative autocratic style and/or racist/nationalist/repressive policies and/or militaristic tendencies of the comparators. Mainstream Progressives mean quite literally that Trump now, and Bush before him, are, in a relevant sense, "Literally Hitler."

So, back then occasional, weak comparisons generated outrage that required an apology for demeaning the Holocaust.

Now, it is all good.

If it wasn't for double standards....

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Literally Hitler.

Because losing an election is precisely like being invaded and conquered by a foreign power.

"Resistance" is hate speech and undermines democracy.

Global Warming Undermines EPA's Clean Air Mission.

Is there anything that Global Warming can't do?

//While critics and supporters alike pore over President Trump's proposed federal budget to pinpoint programs that will suffer and savings that will benefit taxpayers, President Trump's vision of the federal budget includes welcome reform at the Environmental Protection Agency. It would slash appropriations for the EPA's climate programs; instead of global warming, the budget "reorients EPA's air program to protect the air we breathe." From this statement, it is safe to infer that President Trump intends to refocus the agency on doing its job as intended by the Congress.

Over the last decade, climate change has become the EPA's number one priority. Consider the ascendancy of global warming in the agency's multi-year strategic plans for air quality, which are required by law. In the EPA's 2001 — 2005 Strategic Plan, "Goal 1" is "Clean Air," while climate change mitigation was subsumed in "Goal 6: Reduction of Global and Cross-Border Environmental Risks." However, in the 2006-2010 plan, climate change mitigation is incorporated into a new "Goal 1," which is titled "Clean Air and Global Climate Change." And in the 2011-2015 plan, "Goal 1" is changed again to "Taking Action on Climate Change and Improving Air Quality" — that is, global warming is listed before improving air quality.

A look back shows that the EPA's shift in focus to climate change accelerated during the Obama administration. In 2014, for example, then-EPA administrator Gina McCarthy told reporters that "all hands on deck" at the agency were working on President Barack Obama's climate action plan.//

This kind of creeping away from mission is a reason that the government is so expensive and ineffective.


What's new?

Every Republican president is "Literally Hitler" until they leave office.

Then, they get recycled as Model of Bipartisanship to compare the new Literally Hitler too.

Anti-Trump billboard goes heavy on the Nazi imagery.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The most Fascist Behavior of 2016 Award...

... should go to city's that did nothing to restrain progressives from physically attacking Trump supporters.

Now, a federal judge has permitted Trump supporters to sue San Jose for failing to protect them against violence from Clinton/Sander supporters.

As I pointed out in my review of Timothy Snyder's "On Tyranny, where the Yale professor has thought long and hard and come to the novel conclusion that Trump is Literally Hitler, it is hard not to remember Hillary/Sander supporters attacking Trump supporters and not see the Brown Shirts circa 1932.

Racism in America.... mostly found among anti-racists these days.

//Justin Cohen, a contributor to the Huffington Post and former member of the education policy committee for President Obama's 2008 campaign, stated that his goal for 2017 is to have white people realize that we're all on the "racism spectrum" and that white people need to stop being so "sensitive" about being called racist.//

When he says "we", he really means "you."

Things everyone knew...

...because people are not as stupid as the media wants to believe.

Donna Brazile finally admits she shared debate questions with Clinton.

Why would any rational person not think that the media didn't also share debate questions with Clinton?

Friday, March 17, 2017

This will work out just fine.

But, honestly, how else would you expect 9 year olds to treat their dhimmi teachers?

//One woman reportedly claimed it all got too much for her and she eventually had to quit her job.

She said the final straw was when she received death threats to her family from her year 5 and 6 students, with some saying they would behead her.

Prior to that she claimed she made a number of complaints in 2014 about some of the behaviour in her classroom.

She said she was abused by students when she stopped them from hanging a Syrian flag in the classroom.

The woman also said she was pushed into a corner by several students who then began marching around her chanting the Koran.

Many of the students also reportedly spoke of family members fighting in the war in Syria and pupils would walk out mid-way through a lesson to go and pray.//

Those wacky kids today.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

LA progressive discovers her inner Trump voter.

And why not?  Progressive social science experiments are supposed to happen to the other people who don't get to live in gated community with armed security.

Liberal woman surprised and scared by man standing in women's bathroom in Disneyland.

The women didn't know what to do.

//Not transgender. There was a man who felt entitled to be in the woman restroom, because he knew no one would say anything. There were 20-25 people by the time I left, who were scared and uncomfortable by his ominous presence. And the only thing stopping us, was our fear of political correctness and that the media has told us we don’t know what gender is anymore. I never want to be in the position again. Im not asking for permission to tell transgender people to get out my bathroom. I need to know it’s ok to tell a man, who looks like a man, to get the fuck out. Gender just can't be a feeling. There has to be science to it. DNA, genitals, amount of Sephora make up on your face, pick your poison, but as a very progressive woman...I'm sorry it can't just be a feeling when theres but a mere suggestion of a door with a peep hole separating your eyes from my vagina or my children's genitals.//

This pretty much supports my prediction that changing gender norms would confuse women in places where they might value security. Under the old rules, the answer was simple: the women would have told him to leave or they would have gotten park security.

Now, though, doing either thing means that the women run the risk of being labeled as homophobic.

And, of course, that moment of confusion and indecision is precisely what a criminal relies on.

Culture of Corruption

Can you imagine if this was a Republican issue?

They'd be linking it to Russia.

//Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations who aided the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server, did not report his wife Jill's salary or campaign donations in financial disclosure forms. McCabe's forms were filed with the Office of Government Ethics, and were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act, according to Fox News.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on Nov. 7, 2016 that Hillary Clinton bundlers and Clinton ally Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe were major donors to Jill McCabe's Virginia state senate campaign.

The donations from Clinton bundlers and McAuliffe's political action committee totaled nearly $600,000; however, none of these donations appeared on the 2015 "Executive Branch Personnel Financial Disclosure Report" filed by McCabe.//

Who links to me?